Capacity Building Blocks

Lay the foundation for a stronger organization in 10 weeks!

In these times of economic uncertainty, the competition for charitable gifts and government contracts has increased dramatically. By and large, foundations are not only looking to fund good causes, but they are looking to invest in well-run organizations that have the capacity to effect positive community change over the long term.

Capacity Building BlocksTM is a 10-week workshop series for nonprofit leaders who are serious about maximizing community impact. The interactive workshops provide an in-depth organizational assessment, and balance of instruction, case studies and group activities designed to help you strengthen your organization’s infrastructure, and position it for long term sustainability. You may participate in the entire series, or selected modules.

  • Capacity Building  Block  1TM     Starting a New Organization
  • Capacity Building  Block  2TM     Developing Effective Boards
  • Capacity Building Block  3TM    Strategic Planning vs. Business Planning
  • Capacity Building Block  4TM    Program Development
  • Capacity Building  Block   5TM     Budgeting and Cash Flows
  • Capacity Building  Block   6TM    Proposal Writing
  • Capacity Building Block  7TM    Marketing and Communications
  • Capacity Building  Block   8TM     Evaluation Planning
  • Capacity Building Block  9TM   Technology Planning
  • Capacity Building  Block  10TM   Regulatory Compliance

Who should attend:

  • Board members of nonprofit organizations
  • Leaders of emerging organizations
  • Program managers with grantmaking responsibilities
  • Church pastors and ministers
  • Leaders of faith-based initiatives
  • Nonprofit managers who have assumed new responsibilities
  • Professionals who are contemplating mid-career transitions
  • Students of community and/or organizational development

Contact Valerie at if you are interested in bringing Capacity Building Blocks to your organization.

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