Take the 30 Day Compliance Challenge

We will cover the full range of the basic requirements to keep your organization legal within 4 weeks. Your challenge is to participate in up to 4 workshops and make sure your organization’s paper work is current within 30 days of the end of the series. Contact Valerie at consulting@valeriefleonard.com or 773-571-3886 to share how it goes.

The Problem

Between 2011 and 2014, 14, 922 tax exempt organizations in the State of Illinois lost their exempt status for failure to file Form 990 for three consecutive years.  Most of these organizations have had to pay significant penalties or even dissolve their corporations as a result. Don’t let this happen to your organization.

Why You Should Attend

These workshops will provide an overview of the major players in nonprofit compliance and present useful information about the filing requirements and information needed to prepare Form 990, and other annual reports and filings required by state agencies.

What You Will Learn

 The roles of the IRS, Attorney General’s Office, Secretary of State’s Office and Department of Revenue in regulating nonprofit organizations and helping them to succeed

  • The roles and responsibilities of board members and key organizational leadership in record keeping, financial reporting and maintaining compliance
  • What to do if you lose tax exemption
  • The consequences and penalties of late filings and registrations
  • Which forms you need to register nonprofits and professional fundraisers
  • Which forms you need to file on an annual basis, including annual reports, form 990’s and AG-990’s and 941’s (payroll taxes)
  • The relationships between good board governance, fundraising, and regulatory compliance
  • How to avoid the most common traps for fundraising activities

Who should attend:

  • Board members of nonprofit organizations
  • Leaders of emerging organizations
  • Program managers with grantmaking responsibilities
  • Church pastors and ministers
  • Leaders of faith-based initiatives
  • Nonprofit managers who have assumed new responsibilities
  • Professionals who are contemplating mid-career transitions
  • Students of community and/or organizational development

Contact Valerie at consulting@valeriefleonard.com for further information.


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