What is Your Organization’s Mission?

What is your organization’s mission? How do you fulfill it?
My mission as a community and organizational development consultant is to strengthen the capacity of organizations to make a positive impact on the communities they serve through technical assistance, specialized workshops, resource and organizational development and project management.
I fulfill my mission in everything I do as a consultant. In addition to providing consulting services I have an occasional newsletter that connects nonprofit leaders and resources. I do a weekly podcast, Nonprofit “U”, hosting nonprofit thought leaders to share lessons learned in the industry. I write articles and blog posts on various topics in nonprofit management and community development. I teach online courses in nonprofit management with the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Certificate in Nonprofit Management program. I am converting my workshop series to courses people may take on demand. I use social media to share resources and communicate various ideas in nonprofit management and community development. I advocate for more resources for communties and nonprofit organizations.
I’d be very interested in hearing from you. Please share your organization’s mission and ways you fulfill it in the comments section.

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