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What is Organizational Capacity, and Why Should You Care?

When we speak of capacity, we are generally referring to organization’s potential to marshal their human, financial and other resources to effect positive change in the communities and clients they serve. Organizational capacity is impacted by a number of factors, including leadership, the organization’s stage of development and changes in the environment, to name a few.

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Assess Your Organization's Capacity in 6 Areas

Nonprofits should have a well-documented track record in developing programs that have a meaningful impact upon the community and the clients served; the ability to exercise good stewardship over financial and human resources; the ability to manage relationships among various community constituencies; and the ability to respond to change.

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Build Organizational Capacity in 10 Weeks!

Capacity Building BlocksTM is a 10-week workshop series for nonprofit leaders who are serious about maximizing community impact. The interactive workshops provide an in-depth organizational assessment, and balance of instruction, case studies and group activities designed to help you strengthen your organization’s infrastructure, and position it for long term sustainability. You may participate in the entire series, or selected modules.

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